Ceramic Butterfly Pots

Ceramic Butterfly Pots

Ceramic Butterfly Pots

In addition to the paper butterflies and flowers that I’m making for the party decorations, I’ve also decided to decorate a few ceramic pots using some of the leftover paper. I’m not sure exactly how they’ll be used, maybe to hold silverware, serve as vases for fresh flowers or hold potted plants.

What You’ll Need:
– Ceramic pots (I purchased a few at Walmart for .80 each)
– Paint, large paint brush, and small stencil brush (or a chopstick)
– Decorative paper
– Decoupage glue 
– Butterfly Paper Punch (I purchased a Martha Stewart punch, also at Walmart)

1. Paint ceramic pots and let dry completely

2. Using another color paint and the small stencil brush or the end of a chopstick, paint a dotted line around the pot and allow to dry.

3. Use the butterfly punch to cut out several small butterflies.

4. Glue the butterflies to the pot along the dotted line.

5. Coat the entire pot with a layer of decoupage glue and allow to dry.


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