Don’t Forget the Easter Bunny

I’ve been so busy with birthday party planning that I haven’t had much time to get ready for Easter. Now that I have a child with a May birthday, I wonder if Easter will sneak up on me every year.

Since my children don’t eat candy, I’m trying to fill their baskets with other “goodies.”  I ordered a set of wooden eggs by HABA for my son who is always trying to get me to let him hold an egg when he sees me cooking with them. He’s only 2 1/2 so I’m pretty sure these will fool him. I also decided against giving my daughter one of her Christmas presents since she was too young for it at the time and it seemed better suited for Easter. It’s a small pink duck pull-toy. So, I’ve got a couple of items for the Easter baskets.

Bird House

Bird House

I also just finished making  a small bird house for my son. Actually, I bought a small wooden bird house at Hobby Lobby and decorated it for him. He likes birds and, even more, he likes putting things like sticks, rocks, etc. into small holes, so this should be a big hit.

The bird house is a pretty inexpensive, very cute gift, so I thought I would share it here.

What You’ll Need:
– Small wood birdhouse (I bought one at Hobby Lobby for $2)
– Fine sandpaper
– Acrylic paint and medium size paint brush
– Decorative paper
– Scissors
– Decoupage glue


1. Lightly sand the edges of the birdhouse to smooth the surface.

2. Paint the exterior, using one color for the entire house or multiple colors. Allow to dry.

3. Cut the decorative paper to fit the sides and roof of the house.

4. Glue the decorative paper onto the house, leaving a few areas uncovered to expose the paint.

5. Cover the entire house with decoupage glue and allow to dry.

And I couldn’t miss an opportunity to post this picture of Jason feeding the birds during a visit to the Ft. Worth Zoo last summer. The colors of the birds in this photo were the inspiration for the bird house.

Jason Feeds the Birds

Jason Feeds the Birds


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