We All Live in a Yellow Submarine T-shirt

Yellow Submarine T-shirt

Yellow Submarine T-shirt

My son is obsessed with the Beatles song ‘Yellow Submarine.’ Every time he gets in the car, he asks “Yellow Submarine?” which sounds both like a question and a demand. As soon as it ends he says “more time,” and we listen to it one more time while he sits in the back with a goofy smile, strumming on an invisible guitar. I know where his love of guitars came from – he wants to be just like daddy! – but I’m not sure what it is about this particular song that really strikes a chord (so to speak).

In today’s mail, we received a package from grandma containing a Yellow Submarine t-shirt for Jason. I can’t wait to see the smile on his face when he walks around wearing his Yellow Submarine t-shirt and strumming his invisible guitar. I’m sure I’ll have an updated picture to post soon.

UPDATE: 4/3/09

Jason in his new t-shirt

Jason in his new t-shirt


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