Birthday Garland

'Happy Birthday' Garland

This week I made a birthday garland for Jenna’s party that will hang over the entrance to the canopy. I used paper circles and ribbon to create the garland. The supplies were less than $4, and it’s much cuter than using a generic birthday banner. Here’s how to do it:

What You’ll Need:

Cardstock paper
– Small bowl or round cookie cutter (for tracing a circle shape)
– 12 – 15 feet of ribbon
– Hole Punch
– Letter Stickers
– Other decorative elements (stickers, paper cut-outs)
– Glue
– Scissors


  1. Decide what you’re garland will say and the number of circles you will need
  2. Trace small circles (approximately 3 inches in diameter) onto the cardstock (you could also use other shapes such as flowers)
  3. Cut out the circles
  4. Punch holes in the left and right side of each circle
  5. Apply the letters to each circle (mine spell ‘Happy Birthday Jenna’)
  6. String the ribbon through the circles
  7. Add any decorative stickers or glue paper accents (I used small butterflies)

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