Christmas Party Invites

Christmas Party Invitations

Christmas Party Invitations

My husband and I just finished making the invitations to our Christmas party – yes, he helped! – and I’m really happy with how they turned out, so I thought I would share.

Here’s how we made them:

1. Purchased  A2 and A7 size cards from and a stamp from

2. Designed the text in Photoshop and printed onto the A2 cards.

3. Cut the corners of the cards using a rounded corner paper punch.

4. Applied the stamp to the card using silver ink and then immediately sprinkling silver glitter (Martha Stewart Glitter Collection) onto the ink and shaking gently so that the glitter adheres to the ink.

5. Glue the A2 card onto the silver A7 card.

6. Cut the corners of the A7 card using the same paper punch.

7. Spray a light adhesive over the stamp/glitter area.

That was the easy part, now on to planning the party!


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