Paper Guitars and Other New Year’s Resolutions

Paper Guitar Hero

I’m not really one for setting – or sticking to –  New Year’s Resolutions, but this year, I’m feeling very motivated to engage my children in more creative activities. With Jason fast approaching the age when video games and tv (maybe I should say ‘his daddy’s iPhone”) will become his most sought-after past-times, I decided to try to focus his attention on more creative pursuits. So, I started working on a list of activities that involve ‘making things’ and organizing and preparing materials so that we always have something fun close at hand. Today was our nanny’s first day back after the holidays, so we got started on our first activity: Paper Guitars.

Jason loves guitars, so it was no surprise that he enjoyed coloring a large paper guitar cut out of posterboard, attaching stickers and adding the yarn “strings.” But his favorite part wasn’t the decorating, it was standing on the ottoman “playing” the guitar while his adoring fan (mommy) watched. I sense that a Wii Rockband set isn’t too far off. Oh well.


One thought on “Paper Guitars and Other New Year’s Resolutions

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