A Snapshot in Time

My husband and I take lots of photos. Our iPhoto library has close to 14,000 photos taken over the past seven years. It might seem that they would blend together after awhile, but they don’t. So many photos stand out in my mind, and I love going through our library and remembering all of the times we’ve spent together.

Yesterday we took two photos that I think will  stand out for a long time. They really seem to capture the personality and charm of our children and show what they were like on a typical day, just hanging out at home.

Jason’s picture was taken in the morning. He’s wearing an “I love chocolate” t-shirt that I bought at the grocery store the night before. He’s standing in the office, making different facial expressions – maybe because he’s recently taken an interest in emotions (whether someone is ‘happy’ or ‘sad’) or maybe because he’s started doing impressions of Pink Panther. Either way, adorable.

Jason *Really* Loves Chocolate

Jenna’s picture was taken later that same evening, while my husband was watching the kids in the bath. Jenna was drawing with her bathtub markers, but took a moment to look up at Dada as he snapped a shot of her with his iPhone. Also, adorable.

Vintage Jenna


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