Grandma’s Neighborhood: A Collage

A common request from Jason when he sees me in front of the computer is “see Grandma’s house?” And so begins a review of all of the photos taken during trips to Grandma & Grandpa’s house. As we reminisce, Jason usually invents stories – part recollection, part imagination – involving elevators, rooftops, statues and fireworks.

For today’s craft, we created a large “city collage” mural  of Grandma & Grandpa’s neighborhood, incorporating some of Jason’s favorite imagery from trips to their house. We started with paper cutouts of tall buildings and then added the scenery  – trees, cars, stoplights and, of course, pictures of Grandma & Grandpa’s building and surrounding neighborhood.

Jason & Jenna loved describing the things they saw in the collage, and Jenna even tried to hug Grandma. Here’s their finished picture:

Grandma's Neighborhood: A Photo Collage


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