Making Robots

Robot Collage

My son loves to run around, jump up and down, climb up things, crawl over things, chase people – you get the idea. But sitting still for “art time” is still a bit of a challenge. So nearly every day I try to invent new and unique ways to capture his attention and encourage him to focus on something other than running around, jumping up and down …

For today’s craft activity, I continued my trend toward “button and arrow crafts” (two ingredients that top the list of things Jason finds engaging) with the Robot Collage. I started with some basic shapes – rectangles for the body and limbs and a half circle for the head. Then I added a spinning arrow and cut circles for the eyes and buttons. I let Jason and Jenna assemble them as they saw fit, not sure if the resulting images would look like a robot or more like a car, refrigerator or abstract art.

In the end, they looked quite a bit like robots.

Jason Makes a Robot

Jason Makes a Robot

Jenna Makes a Robot


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