How-to: Charlie & Lola Birthday Party

For those of you planning your own Charlie and Lola party, I’m working on a series of how-to’s and printable templates based on the party we through for Jenna’s second birthday. As I finish the posts, I’ll add links to the items listed below.

Decorations & Cards:


Thank You Cards
Cupcake Toppers (printable JPG)
Lola’s Food Labels
(printable JPG)

Large butterfly shape
(printable JPG)



Be sure to check out Jenna Turns Two to see these activities in action.

  1. Decorate Lola’s dress with Flower Stickers
  2. Passports to Lolaland
  3. Charlie & Lola Photo Opp

6 thoughts on “How-to: Charlie & Lola Birthday Party

  1. Your ideas are wonderful. I am planning for my daughter’s birthday in August and she really wanted a Charlie and Lola party. Even though it will be a small party with just family, I still wanted to incorporate some theme stuff. What else did you put in the passports for the kids? I’m not really the artist but I really adore your C&L Photo op idea. But I might give it a try. Oh, and what decorations did you use. I’m at wits-end that all the C&L party supplies are in the UK. 😦 Thank you again for sharing your creativity!

    • Hi – For decorations I created a paper bunting and placed it across the entrance to the dining area where the food was set up. I don’t have a picture of this, but there is a tutorial here:

      We also covered the ceiling in that area with balloons in different shades of pink, and we used the “props” as decorations: the decorate Lola’s dress was placed on a wall in the party area and the photo opps were in the main party area too. Outside of the house, we had a sign that said “Welcome to Jenna Land” and we used graph paper as the background since the show features a lot of graph paper.

      The passports were just small booklets of paper. The first page had a picture of the guest, but the rest of the pages were blank. I had a table set up near the entrance of the party where kids could stamp their passports using a set of Charlie and Lola stamps. My mom found the stamp set at a Barnes & Nobles, but I also saw them on ebay (shipping from/to the states) when I was researching the party.

      Best of luck with your party!!!

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  3. I found you by googling Charlie and lol birthday party. Every thing I need in one spot. I GREATLY appreciate the generosity you’ve shown by providing all this info, templates and ideas for free. I’ll be thinking of you as my daughters party unfolds!

  4. Hi there – I am trying to recreate this theme for my daughter’s 5th birthday. I saw a picture of the pink drink. Do you have a template for these labels. Would love it if you have a template with numerous labels on the one sheet.

    Your C&L party is amazing – you are very creative!

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