Daily Art: Paper Towel Necklaces

I hesitate to admit this, but we go through quite a few paper towels at our house. The result is a large bin of leftover rolls building up in our pantry. My son calls these “cycles.” I’m not entirely sure how he came up with that word. I’d like to think that it’s based on the word ‘cyclops’ – as in ‘having a single round eye,’ but a more likely scenario is that he couldn’t say binocular or telescope when we first started making such things out of paper towel rolls and invented “cycles” as an easier variation. For now, I’ll stick with the ‘my-son-is-a-genius’ version of events.

Regardless, I’m always very happy when I can transform clutter building up in my house into art projects for my kids. And today’s project is a great example: paper towel necklaces. At least, that’s what I thought the project was. Jenna and Jason, however, wanted nothing to do with stringing the paper towel pieces onto ribbon. Instead, they proceeded to stack them into small towers on the table. Oh well. My recycle bin is still 3 rolls lighter.


One thought on “Daily Art: Paper Towel Necklaces

  1. He calls them cycles because he is always pulling them out of the recycle bin in the pantry. I must have said ‘recycle’ a bunch of times when yelling at him. 🙂

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