Field Trip: Cupcake Shop

We’ve lived in our neighborhood for almost 3 years now, and we still complain about the distance to the nearest grocery store, good restaurant, and Starbucks (15 minutes, really?). But a few weeks ago I noticed a cupcake shop in the “old town” district of Keller, not far from where we live. I’ve often wanted to stop but, surprisingly, stopping for cupcakes never seems to fit into my day. It’s either too close to bedtime or I have perishables in the car or the kids are screaming and the last thing I want to do is reward them with cupcakes. Today I planned a special trip, and for afternoon snack, off we went to visit our neighborhood cupcake shop, What’s Up Cupcake?

They had many flavors – banana, red velvet, strawberry, etc., but we are a family of chocolate lovers. Jenna had the chocolate, Jason had the chocolate, and I had the chocolate mocha.

You won’t hear me complaining about our lack of a Starbucks anytime soon.


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