Music Party Invitations

I just finished designing the invitations for Jason’s upcoming fourth birthday party. It’s a guitar/music themed party, so I’m using records for the invitations. Since I’m pretty certain my son has never seen a record or a record player, I also bought a 1970s Fisher-Price record player to provide some context. Still working on finding records that aren’t scratched and play music we’re willing to listen to.

I got the idea for the invites from this post on Momtastic, which provides some great ideas for hosting a music-themed children’s party.

Here’s how I made the invitations:

  • Purchased a batch of Styx 45s on eBay (later found a few extras at Half Price Books).
  • Created a record sleeve by gluing two pieces of 7 3/8 inch square paper together along 3 edges.
  • In Illustrator, designed the front and back record label using a 3 1/2 diameter circle template. Also created a circle-shaped label to add to the record sleeve.
  • Printed all three of the circle labels (front record, back record, sleeve) and cut them out using a 3 1/2 inch circle paper punch (turned upside down so I could see the line of the circle).
  • Placed the label upside down on the record and turned over to draw the center circle onto the label. Used an exacto knife to cut out the center circle (Note: this was the hard part. For the remaining invites, I’m going to look for a small circle punch with a long extension). Repeated with the second record label.
  • Glued the labels to each side of the record and also glued the sleeve label.
  • Purchased 7 1/2 inch square vellum envelopes.

DIY: Record Label Template (based on the size of a 45 record)

11 thoughts on “Music Party Invitations

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    • Hi Desiree,
      You can edit/write on the templates by saving them to your computer and opening them up in a photo-editing software program. I use Photoshop, but a free program like Paint should work as well.

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    • Hi Jacquie,
      Yes, I think standard weight paper would be too thin. I used card stock, which covered the glue and the existing label beneath.

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