Lite Brite: Super-Sized

Remember Lite Brite? For many of us design-types, it was a sort of Photoshop of our childhood. Someone has taken this basic concept of creating with light and color pegs and expanded upon it – literally. At the Fort Worth Museum of Science and Technology, there is a large-scale version of this childhood favorite. Approximately 6 x 5 feet, the giant light and movable pegs were a huge hit with J+J. I had been looking forward to introducing them to a lite-brite when they got older, but, somehow, I don’t think the toy version will be anywhere near as magical.


5 thoughts on “Lite Brite: Super-Sized

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  2. We have been loving the lightbrite at the museum but we keep forgetting our camera! Hope you don’t mind me linking to you to show off you wonderful pictures!

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