Hello Chicago


Hello Downtown

I’m in the windy city for a few days this week to meet with our interactive agency. Most of the day was spent traveling or in meetings, but I managed to squeeze in a bit of free time to snap some pics and visit my two must-see stores on the magnificent mile: H&M and Zara.


Hello Shopping

I’m loving Zara more and more, especially their Zara Basic line for kids. Unfortunately, what I love most about Zara kids is their use of muted, sophisticated colors. Colors I would wear. Colors Jenna will not. So I resisted the urge to buy this dusty rose cardigan and instead settled on a simple bow t-shirt that I can pair with her favorite bright, stripey leggings.

At H&M I snagged a striped hoodie for Jason. I love, love, love the colors (red, turquoise, brown and green) and the fact that he will wear nearly anything, so I can shop for him without the limits that come with shopping for Jenna (must be pink, soft, not jeans, etc.).

Overall, a pretty successful day, but I didn’t find anything for my husband. I’ll just have to squeeze in more shopping:)

Goodnight Chicago


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