Orange Toybox Amp

Soon after deciding to throw a Rock-themed party for Jason’s 4th birthday, I came across this post on Ohdeedoh about a vintage amp toybox. Perfection: orange AND music themed. So, I talked my husband into making our own toybox to use as a prop for his party and to store toys in his room afterwards. We used a broken Malm 2-drawer nightstand from Ikea as a starting point. Here’s how it turned out: again, perfection!

I’m hoping my husband will write his own how-to on his blog (hint, hint), but, in the meantime, you can check out Amber’s instructions for building one from scratch with the assistance of a 4-year-old here. Thanks, Amber! Oh, and thank you to my husband for building our very own.


UPDATE: My pressure paid off. My husband wrote a post about making the toybox here.


2 thoughts on “Orange Toybox Amp

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