Jason Vs The Bomb Pop

I’ll definitely think twice about buying food from a complete stranger in a van next time. What is it about the familiar tune of the ice cream truck that makes us so trusting? Tonight, we heard the music, went running outside, and, childlike and giddy, I bought 2 bomb pops (giant bomb pops), a watermelon pop  and a strawberry shortcake popsicle. I was pretty happy (as you can see below) and my kids, they were thrilled. They came running outside without any pants on. Yes, we’re those neighbors now. And that’s not even the worst part. After just a few licks, my son handed me his popsicle and asked if he’s going to get sick now. Uh, do you feel like you’re going to get sick? He hunched over and started to demand medicine. The boy wanted medicine.

In the end, he was fine. And I’m still not even sure if it was all a ruse to get an M&M – a common reward for taking medicine – or if he really felt sick. But in the moments that followed this episode, I definitely started to question my judgment.

Oh, and that giant watermelon pop you see Jenna with? She finished the whole thing.


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