Weekend Top 5: Jason’s Birthday

This weekend’s top 5 is actually a top 10. It was Jason’s birthday, what can I say?

Aside from the thunderstorms that rolled through on Saturday afternoon, Jason’s party went off (mostly) without a hitch. Weather caused us to shift things indoors, so instead of setting up a canopy in the backyard, we created the rock stage set upstairs in the playroom:

The cake also proved to be a bit of a challenge. This was the first birthday cake that I made myself. Apparently my one cake decorating class earlier this year had me feeling qualified. As it turns out, it’s really hard to frost a cake without the cake ending up in the frosting, and in the end, my cake ended up with a bit of a cookies-and-cream look, which I thought was the worst part about it until my husband told me it reminded him of a carnival. But not in the ‘And everyone loves a carnival’ sort of way.

Luckily my son is less discerning. He loved his cake. Or maybe he just loves being the center of attention.

And luckily for the guests, I also ordered cupcakes from What’s Up Cupcake?, our neighborhood cupcake shop.

My favorite part, and I think Jenna’s too, was the Mod Your Guitar station where the guests designed their own guitars.


This was the first year that Jason really got the whole concept of it being his birthday. The cake – his. The presents – his. The drum sticks – his. It made for a few challenging moments. But in the end, I think Jason and his guests had a rockin’ time.





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