Daily Art: Rocket Drawing


One of my children’s favorite books is Not a Box by Antoinette Portis. At the end of the story, the box becomes a rocket that carries the bunny into outer space. This is Jenna’s favorite part, and she always adds a line at the end of the story: ‘bye-bye bunny.’

Yesterday she was in my office and I gave her a piece of paper and a pencil, mainly to buy a few more minutes while I finished up work. My poor kids, they love playing on the computer or drawing in notebooks in my office. Sometimes when I’m not even in the office, Jason will go and sit down at the computer, and when I ask him what he’s doing he says: “I’m busy working.” He’s four. Maybe I’m not the best role model.

Anyway, Jenna quickly drew the above picture and gave it to me, saying proudly “it’s a rocket!” I looked down, expecting to see the usual jumble of lines, but instead I saw … a rocket. Yes, it is a rocket!


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