An Un-Gift Guide for the Holidays

First a disclaimer:  I’m not trying to discourage anyone from buying some amazing gifts for their children this year. And, no, I’m not a grinch. I love the holidays and tend to run at the high end of the consumer spectrum this time of year. Instead, I’m writing this post mainly as a note to self, a reminder of how much my children love REALLY. SIMPLE. EVERYDAY THINGS. How much something like a discarded piece of mail can be truly engaging to them.

So, as the holiday season begins and I become bombarded by gift guides, catalogues in the mail and offers in my inbox, I’m going to keep this list in mind.

5 Things J+J Always Find Entertaining

1. A box. It’s a box. It’s not a box. Either way, this piece of cardboard is always the start of something great.

2. The belt to my very, very soft robe. Ever since I invented a game called “get’ em, get’ em, get’ em,” I can no longer wear my robe unless I want to pull my children toward me as they hold on to the other end of the belt with all of their strength. Actually, that sounds kind of dangerous, doesn’t it?

3. A set of 10 round wicker placemats that we never use except to place on the floor and jump on in a hopscotch-like fashion.

4. A paper towel roll. It’s a sword, a telescope, a slide, a tunnel. Oh, and it’s also a key accessory when pretending you’re one of those cleaning robots from Wall-E. Trust me.

5. A flashlight. If you’ve spent any time with preschoolers, this one needs no explanation.

With that said, let the holiday shopping season begin!


One thought on “An Un-Gift Guide for the Holidays

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