DIY: Elevator Dollhouse

I’m not sure if I should call this a dollhouse since I made it for my son, and years from now, he’ll probably try to deny that he loved the dollhouse I made for him when he was four.

Let’s call it a Up-And-Down Box instead, since I created it based on his obsession with elevators.

It was really easy to make, and all of the materials were things we had around the house.


  • One large box (approximately 15″ square)
  • One medium box or shoe box (approximately 11″  x 7″ x 4″)
  • One small box (approximately 5″ square)
  • Exacto knife
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Ribbon or string


1. Prepare the House: Cut the flaps off of one side of the large box so that it is completely open on one side.

2. Create the Elevator: Cut 2 of the flaps off of one side of the small box, so that it still has “doors” that open and close. Using an exacto knife, cut an X at the center of the top of the box and run a piece of string or ribbon through it. Secure the ribbon on the inside of the small box by tying a knot.

3. Add the Second Floor: Cover two sides of the medium/shoe box with glue and glue inside the back corner of the large box, adding pressure to ensure that it adheres to both sides.

4. Make the Stairs: Cut an 8″ x 2″ rectangle out of one of the flaps cut off of the larger box. Measure 1″ increments and then score. Fold the rectangle accordion style to form stairs. Glue the stairs to the bottom of the large box and the side of the medium/shoe box.

5. Create a Back Wall: Take one of the discarded flaps and score it approximately 1″ from the longest edge. Fold and glue the edge to the left back side of the box. This will prevent the elevator from swaying back and forth.

6. Install the Elevator: Cut an X on the top back corner of the box (directly above where you’d like to place the elevator). Run the ribbon through the X and then secure with a knot.

7. Create Windows or Sunlights (Optional): You can also cut out windows or a skylight. I added a skylight to the top of our house.

8. Furnish and Decorate (Optional): There are lots of online diy projects for decorating dollhouses and making your own furniture. I love this paper furniture project from La Petite magazine. I kept it simple by adding a leaf patterned rug (using the cover of an old notebook) and a few tiny mirrors I had on hand. Very West Elm, don’t you think?  Jason is more into how things work than how they look at the moment, so I didn’t go very far with the decor. But the designer in me is already thinking it’s time to redecorate.


One thought on “DIY: Elevator Dollhouse

  1. This is absolutely adorable, Julee! I have to admit that I was a huge dollhouse enthusiast as a little girl…still love anything in miniature!

    On a side note, it was such a pleasure to actually meet you in person at the POST: Blogger Social this evening. Looking forward to another one like it in the future. 🙂

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