Holiday Cooking with Kids

One of the things I’m enjoying the most about this holiday season is cooking with Jenna and Jason. Well, mostly Jenna. Tonight, however, Jason surprised me by helping out in the kitchen. I’m not sure if it was because we were making chocolate cake (his favorite) or because I found a task that suits him so well (spraying the baking dishes). Either way, it was fun finding something we all enjoyed making (oh, and eating). I’m hoping to try a few new recipes before Christmas, including these gingerbread cookies and these adorable marshmallow snowmen.


2 thoughts on “Holiday Cooking with Kids

  1. If you google Jello gingerbread people recipes using butterscotch pudding the gingerbread will have a taste children will like.Do you remember giving the recipe to your first grade teacher?

    • No – I don’t remember that at all! We will definitely try that recipe. Did you see the shaving cream snow post? J+J loved it! I think we’re going to do that again this week.

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