DIY: Elevator Fort

We never seem to tire of elevator-related DIY and craft activities around here. Jason asks to go to ‘the elevator store’ almost daily. (BTW: the elevator store is code for Nordstroms. You’d think I would love any excuse to go to Nordstroms, but it even gets old to me sometimes.) So when I came across a large piece of gray flannel wool while putting the Christmas decorations away and started thinking about how it would make the perfect fabric for one of those adorable table forts seen here or here, my mind quickly went to an elevator-themed fort.

It was very simple to make, mainly because I’m not very good when it comes to sewing. I used no-sew tape to attach the two pieces of fabric and the decorative ribbon, and I used fabric glue to adhere the felt elevator buttons and dials.

Jason was so excited when he saw it that he gave me a big hug and said ‘thank you for getting my elevator.’ He and Jenna quickly starting referring to it as the ‘elevator pizza’ place, which is the name he’s given to his favorite pizza restaurant – favorite because it has an elevator, not necessarily because of the food.


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