Macaroni and Cheese Pancakes

I came across this video on making mac-n-cheese pancakes recently. I know, most of you are eating salads and veggies right now as part of a resolution to be healthier, but at our house, we’re all about cream, butter and baked goods. Ok, that’s not entirely true. But my son has a weight check next month and the looming appointment (and potential for disapproving looks from the doctor) has definitely impacted my cooking lately. We probably shouldn’t take his low weight as an excuse for our own excessive eating, but cooking separate meals for everyone is time-consuming … and, well, I love cream, butter and baked goods.

So when I saw a recipe combining two of my son’s favorite foods, I knew we had to try it. We’ve also recently had quite a bit of success getting him to combine foods lately (something he resisted before). We owe this entirely to the cheese and strawberry scene from Ratatouille. We can reference that scene and suggest nearly any pairing and he’s likely to try it – and usually he’ll even do an impression of the little French rat as he places the foods in his mouth.

My husband and I loved the pancakes, and we’ll definitely be making then again. J+J were much less enthusiastic, eating only a bit and then moving on to the more familiar version of this comfort food.

The video above gives instructions (and is pretty entertaining), but here’s the gist of it:

  • Boil elbow macaroni noodles and set aside to cool.
  • Mix pancake batter (we used Bisquick).
  • Pour  a little bit of the pancake mix into a buttered, heated pan.
  • Sprinkle a handful of noodles onto the batter.
  • Sprinkle about 2 tablespoons of shredded cheese on top (we used gruyere and cheddar)
  • Cook one side and then flip, just like you would regular pancakes.

That’s it.


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