Can We Visit the Penguins?

Jason has been very interested in penguins lately and has asked on a few occasions if we can go visit them. He might remember seeing them at the zoo a couple of years ago, or it might be entirely random. I’m not sure. Regardless, it’s a little cold for the zoo, so I might try picking up a copy of Antoinette Portis’ A Penguin Story or  coming up with a penguin-related craft. Or, I could adopt a penguin for him. The Fort Worth Zoo is featuring a penguin adoption campaign for Valentine’s Day this year. I’m considering it, but as soon as he knows he has his own penguin at the zoo, I’m guessing he’ll want to visit it. BRRRR.

image credits: Penguin Shuffle, P is for Penguin, Penguins, Fight Club, Penguins001


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