Pancakes, Mittens and Keepsakes

I think my favorite purchase over the holiday season is a set of pancake molds from Williams-Sonoma. We’ve used these molds endlessly and not just to make pancakes, though the delight on J+J’s faces the first time I made frosty the snowman pancakes has definitely been the highlight of the set. They also make great sandwiches, cookies and, now, handprints. I’ve always loved mitten motifs and realized that the mitten mold made the perfect backdrop for a child’s handprint. It reminds me of Jenna’s hand nestled inside the warmth of a cozy mitten, most likely her fav furry mittens.

To make the handprint, I used Crayola Air-Dry Clay and rolled it out to about 1/4 inch, cut out the mitten shape, let Jenna press her hand into it and sprinkled it with glitter. I also added her name and the year using a mechanical pencil without any lead and, after letting it dry a few days, I added a ribbon.


One thought on “Pancakes, Mittens and Keepsakes

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