Indoor Snowball Fight

J+J want snow. Bad. Last winter it snowed where we live four times (at least), so I don’t think they appreciate just how rare snow is in Texas. Tonight I was putting away the last of the Christmas stuff and came across a bag of tissue paper snowballs that grandma had made while she was visiting. We didn’t get a chance to play snowball fight while she was here, but I gave Jason and Jenna the bag of tissue paper balls last night and I couldn’t believe the excitement that ensued.

First, we ran around throwing the balls of paper at each other. As you can probably tell by his facial expression, Jason packs a serious punch into his snowballs.

After awhile, we moved upstairs and played ‘snow piles,’ taking turns piling the tissue balls on top of each other and then jumping out from under them. This was hysterical to them.

And, finally, they decided they wanted to sleep in the snow.


But as much as they loved tissue paper snow, I still hope they see the real thing soon.


3 thoughts on “Indoor Snowball Fight

  1. I watched the video. The cook was a rip. Did you put syrup on your pancakes? The kids at school would love them, I think. Jamie Oliver is one of my favorite chefs. He made an easy chicken dish.
    I wish I can get up the courage to make the sardine sandwich. I read it is an Asian breakfast idea.
    Do you have a favorite brand of coffee that you would serve with the pancakes?

    • The video was pretty funny. We didn’t put syrup on the pancakes but it seemed like it needed something. We might try syrup next time, but something less sweet would probably be good too. We served it with tomatoes on the side – a feeble attempt to make it a little bit healthier.
      Happy New Year!
      – julee

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