Ski Survival Kit

For my husband’s birthday this weekend, I put together a ski survival kit containing items for his upcoming trip to Tahoe. In keeping with the travel theme, I also purchased an old suitcase at a thrift store to package all of the goodies.My son was pretty fascinated by the suitcase, so much so that I think I’ll recycle this technique for his next birthday. Plus, I love vintage suitcases.

Here’s what the kit contained:

My plan was to have everything displayed in an orderly fashion upon opening the suitcase. I bought clear packing tape to adhere each item to the sides of the suitcase. This plan failed miserably. As it turns out, you can’t tape a 3 lb bag of gummi bears to fabric. Not even the sunglasses would stay put. So, in the end, everything was crammed in haphazardly, and the effect upon opening was much like you’d find your suitcase after a tsa inspection. Let’s just say I added a bit of realism.


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