Inspiration: Zoom, Zoom

Most days, Jason would rather play bang, bang than zoom, zoom. His current favorite toy is a Buzz Lightyear gun. While it’s hard to compete with something that makes noise, lights up and shoots toy bullets across the room, I think some of these play mats might distract him for a bit.

I love the idea of combining play mat and art activity, so we’ll probably be making our own road scene on kraft paper soon. But for a fairly reasonable price, we could have a custom play mat of our neighborhood created. Jason is really interested in maps, so this might be a birthday present later this year. For a more elaborate play mat, Danish By Design offers a rug version in several three-dimensional scenes, including a barbie house theme. But if speed is more important than scenery, the Autobahn Tape is probably the best option. I could see putting this on a staircase rail and watching the cars fly down. Yes, that has my son written all over it.


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