Daily Art: Swirly Milk

Earlier this year we decided to remove all artificial dyes from J+J’s diet. But the artificial dyes are still in my pantry, alongside a fairly extensive collection of  colorful sprinkles. I haven’t decided what to do with the sprinkles yet (I’m sure Jenna will think of something), but I have been bookmarking a lot of activities involving food coloring. A couple of weeks ago, we made magic potion, which was a huge hit with Jason. Tonight, we tried a color mixing activity. I should probably understand the science better, but apparently milk and soap react in a certain way, causing the dye to go a little crazy. The swirly patterns that you see aren’t the result of swirly the cotton swabs in the milk, it just happens.

You’ll need food coloring, a bowl of milk, dish soap and cotton swabs.

Start by adding a couple of drops of dye into the milk. You can use a single color or multiple colors.

Add some dish soap to a cotton swab and then touch the surface of the milk with the swab. The milk reacts, causing the color to move around.

It works best if you don’t stir the milk, which is easier said than done if you’re doing this with preschoolers. J+J don’t like watching anywhere near as much as doing, so they stirred the milk endlessly.

Eventually, stirring all of the colors resulted in a grayish brown concoction, which J+J seemed pretty pleased with.


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