The Shoe Fairy

Jenna is notoriously opposed to new shoes. It could be due to color, fit, style, but mostly it’s just due to newness. I’ve tried a couple of approaches to new shoes, the most successful of which has been taking her shopping and letting her try them on with pink Hello Kitty socks. Who wouldn’t love something paired with pink Hello Kitty socks?

Today, I tried a new approach: the shoe fairy. A pair of shoes arrived from Zappos (yay!) while Jenna was at the park. I had been searching for a pair of comfy sandals that she can wear during our upcoming vacation to Disneyworld and decided on a pair of Salt Water sandals. So, I guess I had invested a lot of time and effort into these particular shoes and wasn’t willing to have them easily dismissed. Enter the shoe fairy. I quickly wrapped the box in some leftover crepe paper from yesterday’s rainbow fun, tied a ribbon around it, and set it on the porch for her to find when she arrived home.

Did she love her shoes? Oh, yes. They must have made her feel like a princess, because after putting on her new shoes, she immediately asked for her tiara. Oh dear.


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