Lego Inspiration

Legoland is opening in Grapevine next week, and we can’t wait to take J+J. We’re still at the Duplo stage of Legos, and so far, I think my kids like destroying more than building. It’s no exaggeration to say that I’m more excited about Legoland than they are, but hopefully next week will change all of that.

In honor of the opening, I’ve pulled together a few Lego-inspired designs. Maybe we’ll be expanding our Lego repetoire soon – that pink Bento box would make a great Easter gift. Do we get Easter gifts?

Lego Storage (source)

Modern Art Recreated (source)


Lego Bento Boxes (source)


Lego Kitchen Counter (source)


Lego Mood Light (source)


An Entire House Built of Legos


4 thoughts on “Lego Inspiration

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