Snack Bags

J+J will eat nearly anything if it’s packaged properly. They especially love eating out of bags. Earlier this week, I gave Jason a small Ziploc bag full of mixed vegetables as a snack, and he started munching away, barely noticing the contents. Snack in a bag? Thanks, mom!

This summer, I’m stocking up on small, enticing packages to house healthy snacks, especially snacks on the go.We’re headed to Disneyworld for vacation soon, and while I’m sure we’ll indulge in our fair share of Tigger Tails (think marshmallows, caramel and chocolate on a stick), I also like the idea of toting around a few of their healthier favorites in convenient packaging. And, yes, I’m totally stealing the idea of decorating snack bags with Disney stamps and stickers.

Sources (left to right): Our own snacks in personalized Ziploc Snack-Size Bags, Polka Dot Nut Bowl, Fuschia Treat Bags, Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes, Tinkerbell Lunch Bags, Pink Stripe Treat Bags, Tiny Pillow BoxesResealable Cello Bags


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