In Our Baskets

We’re trying to go a bit healthier this year – fewer processed foods, more organic, and absolutely no artificial dyes. Holidays like Easter and Halloween can be a bit of a challenge in this regard, so I’m pretty happy with all of the treats I’ve assembled for J+J’s baskets this year:

1. Gummy Pandas from Bissingers

2. Lindt milk chocolate bunny, not organic but dye-free and I know it will taste good

3. Yummy Earth lollipops. My husband made a scrunchy face when I suggested he try these but they are absolutely the best lollipops ever – the pomegranate are my favorite.

4. I love Justin’s honey peanut butter and can’t wait to try their peanut butter cups. Ok, these are really for me and not J+J.

5. Clementine Art crayon rocks

6. Flower Kit

7. Organic Fruit Slices Candy

8. Organic Lollipops in Easter shapes


One thought on “In Our Baskets

  1. Thanks for sharing, I too am looking for healthier alternatives for my kids. These ideas would still be yummy, fun, and so much better for them!!! I’ll have to try some of these products.

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