Tea Party Inspiration

Jenna got a new tea set for Easter this year, and I think we’ve had at least 6 tea parties in the last 24 hours. My favorite part is how she likes to put every single dish in its designated spot in the carrying case when we’re done. Makes me feel like it will be a cherished toy for quite while. And if so, I think I’ll start elaborating on this theme – maybe a cake stand, some emptied out tea tins, and, of course, lots of pretend cupcakes.

Sources:  Handmade Teacups, Garden Roses Invitations, Sugar Dish, Haba Tea Cakes, Stacked Teacups, Polka Dot Teapot, Tea Set, Stoneware Cup Set, Dear Teacup, Ginger Tea, Tea Cookies, Cake Stand

One thought on “Tea Party Inspiration

  1. This sugar bowl reminds me of our English grandma, grandma.
    I had forgotten that she put sugar on our grapefruit. She could
    not eat citrus fruit but encouraged us to do so. Best, Lisa

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