Weekend Painting Marathon

With the possible exceptions of grilling food and eating food, I think we spent most of our time this weekend painting. It started with a new suminagashi kit that I bought for Jenna after seeing this post. The technique creates a marbled effect on paper with very little effort, making it a great activity for preschoolers. The only trick is to not create too much motion when setting the paper onto the surface of the water.

After that, we moved on to bubble wrap stamping, paper plate stencils (an idea I stole from this awesome post), easel painting and outdoor chalk paint. Painting seems to be Jenna’s favorite activity lately, but this weekend, I think she made it look like so much fun that even Jason couldn’t resist getting involved.


Bubble Wrap

Easel and Stencils

Chalk Painting
I saw a recipe for making homemade chalk paint, but decided mashing up broken pieces of outdoor chalk and mixing with water would work just as well.


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