Learning About Sushi

Jason and Jenna have long been fans of My First Book of Sushi. Before Jason was born, we even bought a wooden toy sushi set, which we packed away and forgot about, at least I did. A few days ago my husband ate sushi for lunch and J+J were completely fascinated by every aspect. They’d seen sushi before, but I’ve never seen them so interested in it. ‘Is it spicy?’ ‘Is it rice?’ ‘Is it like macaroni and cheese?’ So for dinner that night, I made mock sushi for J+J using whole wheat tortillas, rice and shredded cheese. I thought about adding more veggies, but decided I wanted to make sure they would eat it – and sneaking vegetables in when they least expect it is a surefire way to make them refuse a food. Jason loved his ‘sushi’ and worked pretty diligently at eating them with chopsticks. After dinner, my husband said he had a surprise and went into the garage. Moments later, he returned with the wooden sushi set. Suffice it to say, J+J are pretty enamored with sushi these days. Probably a good time to introduce the real thing…


2 thoughts on “Learning About Sushi

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