They’ve Got Mail

Jason and Jenna started preschool this year, and now that it’s summer, the school has introduced a few new activities to make things a bit more fun. One activity – Splash Day –  will be an obvious hit with Jason, who loves to run around our yard screaming and giggling while getting drenched by the sprinklers. But another activity – Mail Day – is something I’m pretty excited about. Each week, parents drop off letters in a mailbox at the school and the mail will be delivered to their children. The letters can be from us, or from a cartoon character, hero, pet, etc.

Upon learning about this activity, my husband immediately went to work on a letter to Jason from Buzz Lightyear. In it, Buzz talks about the importance of working together and tells Jason that he’s learning how to harvest energy from exploding super nova. So awesome!

Jason and Jenna will be receiving their first batch of letters today – one from Buzz to Jason and one from Lola, (of Charlie and Lola) to Jenna. Can’t wait to hear their reactions!


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