Backyard Play: Inspiration

We’re putting some work into our very plain backyard this summer, hoping to create a space that we actually enjoy spending time in. As part of the transformation, I’d also like to create an area for J+J to play – although I’m pretty sure all Jason needs to stay entertained in the backyard is a sprinkler. I’m especially fond of setting up an outdoor play kitchen or incorporating a play garden area where they can dig and plant without damaging the landscaping. Here are a few ideas I’ve bookmarked recently:

Instead of drawing on daddy’s new grill (oh, yes, she did), maybe Jenna can draw on a giant chalkboard:

I’d love to start a family dominoes and s’mores night tradition with these giant dominoes found in Living, etc. magzine:

I can really see Jason loving something like this:

Jenna loves helping “make” in the kitchen and just recently started mixing together spices and carrying them out to daddy when he’s cooking on the grill. Since we’re starting to cook outside more and more, I’d definitely like to set up her own cooking space outside. Hopefully she won’t want to make mud pies.

Next year, we hope to have a vegetable garden. If we do, I’ll definitely get a grocery cart so  J+J can help “shop” in our backyard:

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of sandboxes, but this design definitely made me reconsider for a moment:

And finally, I’d love to incorporate a seating/eating area for the kids, especially if it involves something like this pink picnic table:


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