Jenna’s Soup Kitchen

It turns out that creating an outdoor kitchen for Jenna was as simple as putting a couple of bowls, pots, spoons and shakers on a bench in the backyard. Despite the 100-plus degree temperatures, she and her sous-chef, Jason, were whipping up a pot of ice and stone soup in no time.

Jenna’s kitchen also gave a new purpose to an old water table that we’ve had in the backyard for a couple of years. The table isn’t used very often, but with the new kitchen set up, both Jenna and Jason played with it like it was a brand new toy. I love finding ways to repurpose existing toys, so I decided to take it a step further and make it look less old too. I used Krylon spray paint for plastics to cover the faded blue and yellow table in a very cheerful yellow color – an idea taken from this post about an awesome Cozy Coupe remake. Now Jenna’s kitchen is cute and functional.

3 thoughts on “Jenna’s Soup Kitchen

  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Do you mind me asking where that water table is from? Looks great in yellow by the way.

    • Hi Carl,
      I bought the water table at Target. It was part of their Circo line and it was originally turquoise, navy and yellow. Thanks for reading!
      – Julee

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