Costume Day … Again

I know you’re probably wondering how it could be costume day again. At least, that’s what I was wondering when I picked J+J up from school yesterday and heard the news. But last week was favorite book character costume day, today is just costume day. Clearly different. Also different: I let Jason and Jenna choose what they wanted to be. The. Night. Before.

Predictably, Jason answered Zurg, Buzz Lightyear’s nemesis in Toy Story. Jenna, much less predictably, answered Pinkalicious. Pinka-what? I said ok, but only because I was under the assumption that pinkalicious was something she made up, and I could just dress her in a pink outfit and call her “pinkalicious” all day. And then I googled it to make sure. As it turns out, Pinkalicious is a character from a book about a girl who eats too many pink cupcakes and turns pink.

So, I guess I’m always up for a design challenge. For Jason’s costume, I ran out and bought a purple t-shirt and some black fleece fabric. I created the “Z” icon using felt and applied it to his t-shirt using iron-on fabric tape. Next, I attached the black fleece to the back of the shirt to create the cape. For Jenna’s costume, I had everything on hand – what mother of a preschool girl doesn’t own a pink tutu and tiara? I made a pink magic wand out of a wrapping paper roll, some book binding tape, ribbon and a star that I painted gold. Pretty MacGyver of me, I know.


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