Preschool Jewelry Craft

With J+J in preschool now, I haven’t been spending much time planning crafty activities for them. Most of our art projects involve quick materials I can throw together, like painting and coloring. But last week I felt inspired to make necklaces with Jenna, probably because she’s entered the “playing dress up” phase of girlhood.

We started with wooden beads, some velvet ribbon and some stretchy silver ribbon.

Jenna picked out red, yellow and pink for her necklace.

And I picked pink and brown.

Jason picked green and blue, but preferred stacking his beads. I guess we’re pretty traditional in our roles …

Jenna looks pretty adorable in her new necklace.

But I think the best part for J+J was dumping the beads all over the floor and then trying to throw them back into the bowls. The best crafts always seem to end with a mess.


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