Pinkaliscious, Oh My.

We’ve already started talking to J+J about what they want to be for Halloween, probably because pretending is so much a part of their reality these days. Jason comes down the stairs to breakfast every day with an announcement of who he is (Lego Jason, Jason Zurg, Jason Buzz, etc.), and one of their favorite games to play is “hi, my name is …” and fill in the blank with something they think is absolutely hysterical (trash can, mommy, hello kitty, etc.). But when it comes to the Halloween question, Jenna is resolute in her response: Pinkaliscious. I’ve tried to pose other costume ideas, like this pink Lego or this adorable owl, but she won’t budge. I love the color pink too, but a little girl who only eats pink cupcakes and refuses green vegetables? Not so much. But Jenna’s favorite book at the moment is Pinkaliscious, so Pinkaliscious she will be.

And speaking of all things pink … The photo above is from a ballerina bakery-themed party that I came across recently. I love the cupcake tutus! I have a feeling this party will provide inspiration not just for Jenna’s upcoming Halloween costume, but also for next year’s birthday (if we’re still in the Pinkaliscious phase).


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