Outdoor Fun: Water Wall

We have an extra bedroom in our house that often serves as a temporary storage area for clothes to be donated, gifts for upcoming birthdays and holidays, and toys that are out of rotation. Occasionally, it also serves its intended purpose as a guest room to grandma, who has a habit of leaving even more toys in the room. For this reason, J+J are always asking to go in the room and “get something.” They don’t know what it will be; they only know that the room is a treasure trove of stuff, old and new.

Today, I was looking for something in the room came across a couple of expandable plastic tubes that I hadn’t seen before. (The grandma toy fairy strikes again.) I immediately thought of the water wall that I saw on Pinterest and decided to make our own slightly smaller version.

I guess J+J were right, you always find something good in that room.


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