Preschool Mail Day: A Retrospective

I know I probably complained (on more than one occasion) about all of the “days” at preschool this summer – splash day, favorite book character day, 80s day, rock star day, mail day, etc. – but now that the summer has come to an end, it’s fun to look back on all of the letters that we made for J+J for the weekly mail day at school. My favorites are the two I created using recent photos: Jason swimming, Jenna dancing, both looking extra happy to be learning something new. But Jason and Jenna each have their own favorites, which I judge based on the number of days they continued to carry around the letter. Jenna’s fav is clearly the letter from Pinkaliscious in which Pinkaliscious tells her that her mommy will make her pink cupcakes if she’s really, really good. And Jason’s is the letter from Lego Lenny (our name for pretty much any of the Lego figures) in which Lenny tells him that he will get to go to Legoland if he’s really, really good. Do you sense a theme? That’s right, we’re not above bribery around here.


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