Whiteboard Washi Tape Calendar

Since starting preschool earlier this year, J+J have both become interested in the days of the week. They aren’t particularly interested in naming the days (Monday, Tuesday, etc.). They simply want to know whether it’s a school day or a “weekend day.” And if it is a school day, the next question is inevitably, “what number until the weekend?”

As a result, it seems like we’re in constant countdown mode around here: 2 days till the weekend, 7 days till the birthday party, 28 days till our trip, etc. To help illustrate the number of days – and to start building awareness of other concepts like dates and months – I created a large family calendar.

Here’s how I made it:

1. Printed the days of the week and the names of each month (using Sketch Rockwell font).

2. Attached the week day labels and the current month label to the whiteboard using sticky dots.

3. Divided the board into a grid of 7 columns (days) by 5 rows (weeks), leaving space at the bottom for the legend of activities. I used washi tape for this step, which goes on and off very easily. My grid isn’t the most exact, and if I were putting this anywhere other than the playroom, the uneven spacing would probably drive me crazy. Maybe a ruler should be recommended for this step.

4. Added the dates to each of the days (based on the month of August). For this step, I used a Crayola whiteboard crayon (you could also use whiteboard markers) so that next month I can easily change the dates.

5. Added a list of activities we have this month (swim class, ballet, etc.) at the bottom of the whiteboard, also using a whiteboard crayon so I could change them as necessary.

6. I cut out circles (using a paper punch), selecting a different color for each activity. Using sticky dots, I placed one circle next to the activity name and then added circles to the corresponding days on the calendar.

Creating the calendar was easy, but now I have to convince Jason and Jenna that it’s a calendar and not a game that involves moving the dots around on the board.


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