To Infinity and Beyond

Jason is crazy for Toy Story, so in decorating his room I’m trying to pull in a bit of his favorite imagery. But this year it’s Toy Story, last year it was Wall-E, and next year (or maybe next week) it will be Star Wars. His room won’t be able to keep up with his ever-changing obsessions. Instead, I’m working with a retro space theme and incorporating just a few Toy Story-specific elements that can easily be swapped out later down the road.

Here are a few ideas for a Toy Story-ish room decor:

Sources (Clockwise):

John W. Golden Space Prints, Pottery Barn Kids Curtains, Toy Story Poster, Pottery Barn Kids Bean Bag, Room and Board Moda Chest, Pottery Barn Kids Rug, Toy Story Bedding, Toy Story Alarm Clock, Pottery Barn Kids Rocket Lamp (no longer available), Simon C. Page Poster, Toy Story Removable Wall Decals, Pottery Barn Kids Solar System Mobile (no longer available), Room and Board Steel Bed


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