Toy Story Mania Birthday Invites

Jason’s upcoming birthday party is based on the Toy Story Mania ride that J + J absolutely loved during our recent trip to Disneyworld.  The 4D ride features a variety of carnival-inspired games hosted by the lovable Pixar characters, but the ‘blasters’ used to interact with the games were clearly Jason’s favorite part.

This week I finished the invites and thought I’d share the template for anyone else with a Toy Story-obsessed child. The invite plays more off the carnival theme, but the party games will incorporate more references to the characters in the movie (more on that later).

The fonts in the invite are Big Top and Delouisville, each of which can be downloaded for free. For additional carnival-style fonts, see this great post about circus, carnival and western fonts.

You can create your own invitations by customizing this template in Photoshop. I printed copies onto 5×7 cards and cut them out along the border. Next, I glued decorative paper (approx 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches) to another 5×7 card. Last, I glued the printed card on top.


2 thoughts on “Toy Story Mania Birthday Invites

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