Friday Favorites

A few of my favorites from this week and some potential plans for the weekend:

  • One week till Jason’s Midway Mania fest, so party prep is definitely in my future, and I’m thinking this awesome vintage carnival party will provide lots of inspiration.
  • If it doesn’t rain, the weather should be gorgeous this weekend, so I’m hoping for lots of outdoor time enjoying our new patio. *Maybe* we’ll even have an outdoor movie viewing. I’d love to host a party like this one someday, maybe when the kids are older and we stay up past 8pm.
  • I love this poncho, but I’m not quite sure if Jenna would wear it. I totally would.
  • I’ve been pinning lots of crafts lately, including this Star Wars R2 D2 collage, this Martha Stewart Halloween lantern craft and this fall leaf craft.
  • And how awesome is that garland pictured above? I grew up in the 80s, so when I saw a Pacman Halloween garland, well, let’s just say it spoke to me. My kids, however, would have no idea who those little ghosts are.
Happy weekend!

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