Friday Favorites

This weekend we’ll be celebrating Jason’s 5th birthday! FIVE YEARS! I can’t believe it.

It’s hard to think of anything else right now, but I do have a sense that once the party is over, the guests are gone, and the house is somewhat back in order, I immediately have to start packing for our trip to California, which begins just a few days later. Yikes!

In the meantime, here are a few things I’ve enjoyed this week:

I have caramel apples on the brain lately, so I was especially excited to see this post on a DIY Caramel Apple Kit. What a great idea.

I came across a new site this week that I absolutely love. So many awesome projects I’d like to try with J+J, including these clay beads and these newspaper tube sculptures.

It’s still in the 80s in Texas, but we’re at least slightly closer to soup season. This broiled soup in a mug is likely to be my go-to soup of the season, much like watermelon gazpacho this summer.

I wouldn’t be surprised if my children think Hello Kitty  is an alien droid from the Galactic Empire. First we acquired a Hello Kitty that plays the theme music to Star Wars and, this week, we came across this image – which, btw, might end up being the inspiration for Jenna’s Halloween costume.

Happy Weekend!


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